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{oneshot} How to Win at Stalemate PG

How to Win at Stalemate

Summary – A series of conversations that Amon and Korra never had, outside the scope of fighting and into their hearts and minds. They never reach an understanding, but they realize they both simply want one thing—peace.

Disclaimer – I do not own Korra nor any of her sexy companions.

A/N – Like many others, I was both excited and nervous about LoK coming out. Now, I think the writers came up with a great overarching plot that is both realistic and compelling. When you've settled for a shaky peace between the four elements, where is there animosity left but between benders and non-benders?

I think Korra and Amon are characters really well-fleshed out for the respective sides they take, and I'm sorry to see that Nickelodeon has chosen to give more screen time to teenage drama than than the actual story. (Because really Korra? Really Mako? Really Bolin? Really Asami? Really just all of you? Control your hormones, damn it!) This is what I think might happen if they were stuck in a room together and all they could do is talk. Lots of debating, story-telling, and an odd sort of pseudo-romance in the making.

It is a pity. I would like to have worked with you, Avatar, headstrong and stubborn though you might be.Collapse )

{oneshot} Blind Nights and Pleasant Conversation NC-17

Blind Nights and Pleasant Conversation

Summary: The son of Batiatus had his doubts when he met Lucretia. After a night in her arms, however, he can only ever see her as his wife.

Prompt: Lucretia/Batiatus, sensory deprivation

Warnings: explicit sex, light bondage, anal penetration, dirty Roman talk

A/N: Seeing their sex lives on the show, I could only imagine it used to have been much filthier when they were young and creative. Tread carefully though, this is probably the naughtiest thing I’ve ever written.

Written for the 2nd Annual Spartacus Kink Meme


The day Quintus first laid eyes upon Lucretia, he was 27, she was 22, and they were in the midst of a dinner party.Collapse )

{chap13} Just 500 Words PG-13
Title: In the Closet (2/3)

Summary: Aang and Toph have very different ways of confessing. Yet neither of them feels very successful.

Words: 500

Disclaimer: Avatar not owned by me

Warning: slash; written on impulse; un-edited

He meant to explain the whole thing to Zuko, he really did, but right now he had to get back Toph. She had her end of the bargain to keep.Collapse )

{chap12} Just 500 Words PG
Title: In the Closet (1/3)

Summary: Aang and Toph have a problem. Everyone seems to think they’re straight.

Words: 492

Disclaimer: Avatar not owned by me

Warning: slash; written on impulse; un-edited

“What’s your excuse for not telling Zuko you’re gay as the sun for him?”Collapse )

{chap11} Just 500 Words NC-17
Title: Prude (Like a Monk) 2/2

Summary: After listening to Aang’s complaints about Fire Nation sport, Zuko has but one goal in mind.

Words: 484

Disclaimer: Avatar not owned by me

Warning: slash; written on impulse; un-edited

Zuko first asked moments after a Fire Nation rebellion.Collapse )

{oneshot} f(x) = (gem)^2 + 22 PG-13
f(x) = (gem)^2 + 22

Summary – Krystal knows she’s a good friend to Amber, because she protects her from her sister. But who will protect her from herself?

Disclaimer – f(x) and SNSD are owned by SM Entertainment. All idols mentioned are their own persons and in no way abide by what I’ve written. I am in no way profiting from Amber’s sexy ways.

Warning – girlxgirl, possible OOCness

A/N – I would like to warn SNSD fans that I know little of SNSD and its members, therefore Jessica turned out a little one-dimensional. I also sort of think Amber is frigging perfect, and Krystal is somewhere in the middle, so even more bias there. I wanted to write something that implied a lot of rivalry and naughty thoughts, but is purposely obscured for the sake of their publicity. Lots of character studies and awkward fluff involved. Hope you like it!


Krystal loves a challenge but hates a puzzle. That’s why she can never figure Jessica out, or rubik’s cubes for that matter.Collapse )

Ron/Draco Recommendation List
Sorted into oneshots and chaptered stories.
Most taken from FF(.)net or LJ.
If you have any recommendations, please let me know, I love this pairing. :)

OneshotsCollapse )

ChapteredCollapse )

{oneshot} Masquerade

– Spartacus and Ilithyia meet masked once again.

Warning – moderate descriptions of sexual intercourse

Disclaimer – Pity I don’t own Spartacus (or Pietros for that matter).

A/N – I found the constant tension between Spartacus and Ilithyia quite fascinating. Hateful opposites that continue to seek the downfall of the other, especially after their night together. So I really needed to dedicate something to them.


It turns out Quintus is not the only lanista to host masked pleasures under his roof.Collapse )

{oneshot} Smashed R

Summary – Yunho thinks Jaejoong is a good person, most times. This is not one of those times.

Warning – sex, drug use, alcohol, angst

Disclaimer – Am not in control of DBSK or JYJ.

A/N – I feel a little sad today.

And just look at this boy. Doesn’t he look deliciously vicious to you?


Because while Yunho is clean and smiling, and while Yunho hates to lower himself to burping out alcoholic misery and smelly, gritty habits, Jaejoong has learned to love it.Collapse )

{oneshot} Appetite PG-13

Summary - The training of a Dai Li requires precision and thought. One begins by targeting those who would remain unquestionably loyal, for society has offered them no other choice.

Disclaimer - Everything belongs to Nickelodeon.

Warning - slash, minor character death

A/N - Written for avatarbigbang.

The city of Ba Sing Se always was and will be my only love in this world, and never any single manCollapse )